About Us

History of Spartacus

The actual Spartacus, was simply a man who had endured enough of the Roman institution of slavery and, one day, decided he would endure no more. But, it was in that act Spartacus became the most recognizable hero from the ancient world to serve the people in the fight for freedom.

His belief was that one man can make a difference, and to always be that ONE MAN!

What we do

We take the spirit of Spartacus to be the one thing that makes a difference for you and your business. We specialize in bringing growth and financial procurement to your projects and business. We primarily formulate a business focus in and around the military and law enforcement environments. 

We have also helped businesses in the private sector by providing you with specialists that have diverse backgrounds and can help advise you and meet your goals. 

Your Solution

Let Spartacus Global and its 16,000 World Wide Contacts in the Military, LE and Private Security work for you!

Spartacus Global and its partners provide you with the worlds foremost experts in Marketing and Development for:

Specialized Equipment for DOD

Patent and Manufacturing

Law Enforcement Equipment

Training for LE and Military

Private Contractor Training

PSD Operations


Air Operations

Specialized Training Sites 

Defense Contract Training

Defense Products

Defense Products Consulting

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